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Portugal é bi-campeão como melhor destino turístico do mundo

No passado dia 1 de Dezembro, Portugal foi eleito o melhor destino turístico do mundo pelo segundo ano consecutivo nos World Travel Awards. O evento decorreu em Lisboa, onde foram atribuídos a Portugal 16 prémios. Este é um resultado histórico para Portugal, onde se duplicou os prémios recebidos na cerimónia do ano anterior, este é um evento considerado como os "Óscares do turismo". 

Portugal é campeão do mundo no turismo e este reconhecimento internacional só vem confirmar todo o potencial do património cultural, histórico e natural do nosso país.

Se estava nos seus planos conhecer Portugal, aqui tem mais uma razão para não deixar de visitar o melhor destino turístico do mundo. 

A Best Time Tour leva-o aos locais mais emblemáticos do país, com motoristas qualificados para lhe garantir o máximo conforto e segurança durante toda a viagem.

Venha descobrir Portugal e tudo o que tem para lhe oferecer. Marque já o seu tour em Best Time Tour. Para mais informações sobre o Tours envie-nos um email para 

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Can’t Skip Portugal

How would you like to feel today? Cheerful? Energetic? Creative? Inspired? Or adventurous? The time for visiting Portugal is now. Don’t put off till tomorrow, to another life, what can happen today.

Leave routine and stress behind, meeting rosters and your packed schedule. Feel the breeze of the sea as you sail along the Alentejo coast, walk along the green landscapes and the calm waters of the old volcanic craters on the Azores Islands, explore the waterways along the Levada walks in Madeira, or take a bracing dip in the warm water at the Algarve beaches.

Free yourself, like Jack did:

When every day seems the same as the day before, it’s time for you to take off and visit other cities and new places, to learn about new customs and mores, to unwind and charge your batteries. Lisbon and Porto are two cities with a river and a sea, plenty of attractive sites, shops and, of course, lots of entertainment. Learn about Portuguese art and be surprised with the new contemporary architecture trends, design and street art.

Be inspired and follow Chloe:

When you feel like making a fresh start or a change in your life, there is nothing else to do but travel! Travel to discover Portuguese art and culture, visit the Historical Villages and Schist Villages and learn from the details of old traditional crafts. Travel to taste Portuguese typical food and to experience new flavours. Travel to be in harmony with nature at the natural parks like Serra da Estrela and Peneda-Gerês National Park. Travel to experience new things. Who said you’re too old to learn to surf?

Feel unique again and live new challenges. Follow Klaus’s advice:

If something good happens, travel to celebrate it. If something bad happens, travel to forget it. And if nothing happens… Go somewhere and make it happen! Don’t let life slip through your fingers. Don’t skip Portugal.
Note: these films were shot in Portugal in December, during the winter.

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