terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2016

Algarve, Places to visit?

In the south of Portugal, in Algarve’s land, the light, the warmth, the vibrant colors are a source of energy for the whole year.

The Vilamoura marina is one of the main sights in the Algarve, is a tourist complex of luxury. It is the largest and most important marina in Portugal and occupies a place of reference in the panorama of national and international nautical recreation where you can see a wide range of luxury boats.

Algarve has been considered several times the world's best golf destination by magazines and international associations of specialized tour operators.

The fantastic beaches that look authentic cards, the color filled cliffs and the waters that invite to a bath in a warm weather day.

The whole Algarve coast is full of beautiful beaches any of them are worth of a visit.

You can’t go through Lagos and not try the gastronomic sweet  of the region, the sweet Dom Rodrigo, a mix of wire, fresh eggs, almond kernels, cinnamon and sugar.
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